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Share files and folders in OneDrive

Now that your files are in OneDrive, you can control who can view or edit them. You can also work together with colleagues at the same time on files. 

One way to share your file is by sending a link. You can do this from within the document, or from the folder.

  • Once you have a document open, click File then click Share.
  • Select Share with People.
  • From here, you can either enter the email address to send the link or copy the link and send it to the individual to share the file.
  • To change permissions, press the arrow at the top to change the audience. This will open a new set of selections. To give editing permissions, select Allow Editing (if Allow editing is NOT selected, only viewing permission is given). Press Apply and your changes have been made.

There is more than one way to share a file or photo. Learn more ways to share files through OneDrive here.

Not currently on OneDrive? Please contact Service Desk immediately.

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