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Save your messages for easier future access

Sometimes you receive a message on Teams that has important information that can be useful later. Teams allows you to easily save a message to view it in the future. Even better, you can save other’s messages and not just your own.

Follow these easy steps to save and view a message.
To save messages:

  • Find the message you would like to save in the chat.
  • Hover your mouse over the message, a dropdown menu should appear near the top right corner.
    •  Click on the three dots in the drop down and choose save this message.
  • The bookmark icon will turn red and a popup notifying you that the message was saved will appear on the top corner of the page.

To view messages:

  • Click your profile picture in the corner.
  • A dropdown menu should open, click saved.
  • All bookmarked messages can now be viewed.

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