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Check for Zoom updates

In today’s virtual world, it is vital that you keep your Zoom up to date. Some issues can arise if your Zoom is out of date:

  • Unable to join break out rooms
  • Don’t have latest security updates
  • Access to newest features

Within 24 hours of logging in when there is a new update, Zoom puts out a notification to inform you. If you miss this notification, you can download the updates manually:

  1. After signing in to Zoom, click on your profile picture and click Check for Updates.
  2. A page will pop-up stating whether updates are available.
  3. If there is a new version, then you will be asked to click Update or Later. Note: If no updates are available, then the pop-up will say “You are up to date.”
  4. The Zoom client will restart after the update, and you will be prompted to log in again.

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