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Changes to the CU System Administration VPN authentication workflow

CU System Administration is transitioning our current VPN authentication to Ping, which will streamline the experience and provide additional security measures. The change is subtle, but we want you to be aware in advance.

The current VPN user interface

CU System VPN

The new VPN user interface

CU System VPN

There are three options in the drop-down menu.

1-System-SplitTunnel-Idp is recommended for the majority of staff. The split tunnel sends part of your traffic through the VPN and part of it through an open network, depending on the application you are using. When on the split tunnel, you can still access a home printer and your browser speed will be faster.

2-System-FullTunnel-Idp is for those staff who use software that requires the maximum security of the full tunnel VPN.  

3-System-Vendors is for non-employees who need to use the CU VPN.

You will no longer enter your name and password in the Cisco AnyConnect dialogue. Instead, after you select one of the three options, you will be redirected to a webpage to log into Ping. There, you will enter your username and password, followed by a Duo challenge.

CU System VPN

Both new and old VPN options will be available starting March 5. On March 20, the old VPN options will be retired, and the new options will be the only ones available.

If you have questions, please contact the Service Desk.


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