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Adjust your Zoom background noise

Zoom Desktop Client allows users to suppress background noise so that it is not picked up by other participants’ microphones. This option can filter out noises like fans, dogs barking, far away voices and more.

Users must have Zoom Desktop Version 5.2.0 or higher for both Windows and macOS in order to activate this option.

Follow these directions:

  • Click your profile picture in Zoom Desktop Client then click Settings.
  • Click Audio.
  • Find Suppress background noise and choose from the option that best suits your setting.
    • Auto: A default setting that applies moderate background noise reduction. This option will automatically adjust and block background noise.
    • Low: Minimal noise reduction blocking low levels background noise (best for playing music).
    • Medium: This option is best at eliminating background noise in standard environments.High: Enabling this option can increase CPU utilization as noise reduction will be at its most aggressive.

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