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Finance System users: You can register now for FIN 9.2 training sessions this fall!
The University and Campus Controllers meet on June 15 to discuss several topics.
If you use the Finance System to look up SpeedTypes... or process journal entries... or manage capital assets... or accomplish any number of other financial activities: November 2015 is an important month for you. That’s when we make the move to FIN 9.2.
On Friday, June 12, the 2015 CU Shared Practices (CUSP) award winners were announced at the Grant Street CUSP Exposition.
Semifinalists from the 2015 CU Shared Practices (CUSP) Program presented their submissions at the May controllers' meeting.
The University and Campus Controllers meet on May 18 to discuss several topics.
Congratulations, Adam Rodriguez! The OUC’s FinPro Help Desk Consultant is now an HDI-certified Support Center Analyst.
The Office of University Controller consistently seeks to enhance both the format and delivery mechanisms of financial information. Among the OUC’s recent accomplishments: publication of the Supplementals in HTML.
Think outside the (cellphone) box. That’s what Office of Laboratory Animal Resources (OLAR) staff did when faced with static, dropped calls, and other communications challenges.
Within CU System Administration, the office of University Information Systems (UIS) has focused attention on the critical role played by communications in project success.