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Our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses on March 17 are all about you: specifically, about your self-knowledge, organization and management, and safeguarding.
It's always exciting to see submissions start rolling in to the CU Shared Practices (CUSP) Program.
Wishes do come true. You wished for the Finance & Procurement Help Desk to be open over the noon hour -- and now it is!
If you use University funds (of any type) to purchase gift cards, this training is for you!
The overall financial statements for the CU campuses now have new features and functionality to improve your access and use.
Did you know that the annual Procurement Service Center (PSC) Open Houses provide opportunities to learn about procurement … AND finance?
The OUC is pleased to introduce our new staff member, Amber Gallentine.
Do you want to see your department, your school or college, or your campus well represented in this year’s CU Shared Practices (CUSP) Program?
The OUC is pleased to introduce Yoanna Todorova, our new Consultant on the Finance & Procurement Help Desk (FinProHelp).
The purchase of gift cards using University funds is subject to several conditions. Do you know what these are?