Elevate FIN Upgrade

Finance System Approvers: meet your new assistant, Worklist.
You've got your Favorites. Find out how they're better in FIN 9.2.
Wondering how the PeopleSoft Finance System upgrade to FIN 9.2 will affect you?
Get ready for the new PeopleSoft Finance System. Get involved in an OUC Town Hall on your campus!
Get ready for the new Finance System (FIN 9.2, coming in November) by participating in an OUC Town Hall in September/October.
Our Financial Reporting Strategy is now available online to help you decide which reporting tools are best for your specific data needs … and how you can get support for learning and using them.
Finance System users: Here are two ways to learn about the FIN 9.2 Menu Search feature.
Finance System users: Here’s a preview of the FIN 9.2 Attachments feature!
Good news for Finance System users: Your FIN 9.2 general user training is being developed by a nationally recognized trainer.
The count-down clock on the Elevate-FIN website tells us we're getting closer to our go-live date. So: what can you expect with the new Finance System in November?