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The Office of University Controller (OUC) will be visiting each campus during the week of Oct 7-11 for this year's OUC Town Halls. Through our annual Town Hall sessions, we can share news on OUC activities and directions...hear your thoughts and suggestions about how to better serve you...and continue to promote transparency and accountability in all that we do. For a schedule of campus Town Halls, and to register, go to
Registration for the remaining September Continuing Professional Education classes is still open … and they’re filling up rapidly. Don’t delay!
At the May 13 Controllers' Meeting, contributors of accepted CUSP (CU Shared Practices) submissions for FY 2013 delivered in-person presentations outlining their great ideas in practice across CU. Now the voting group has a hard task: determining which of the dozen submissions should be highlighted as top practices of FY 2013. Look for announcements in a future OUC news post.
The Office of University Controller recently presented Town Hall sessions to share accomplishments and initiatives with campus staff and hear their thoughts and questions. Each session included a presentation, Q&As, and opportunity for small group discussions on areas of particular interest to individual participants. If you missed the Town Halls - or would like to revisit them - you can run through the materials online. Fall 2012 OUC Town Hall materials →
We have a few changes scheduled to take effect with the current (January 2013) semiannual update cycle.

The following items were discussed at the last Controllers’ meeting:

  • Procurement Card Default SpeedTypes
  • Proposed State Accounts Receivable Rules
  • Capital Asset Chapter for Accounting Handbook
  • Campus Controller Best Practices Series
  • PS Lite Use/Survey Plans
  • CPE Review
  • Cash Advances/Travel Reimbursements and Tax Implications
  • Fund 30/31 SpeedType Setup - Email Notification (like Fund 34)
  • Roundtable

If you have any questions, please contact your campus controller.

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The following items were discussed at the last Controllers' meeting:
  1. CUSP
  2. Gift Fund Training
  3. Final revisions of APSs
    1. Propriety of Expenses
    2. License and Certification Fees, Memberships, or Dues
    3. Officer Disclosure of Interests
    4. Sponsored Project Revenues
  4. Update
    1. OUC Town Hall Wrap-Up
    2. PSC Procedural Statement Sensitive Expenses
    3. Revenue Definition and Recognition documents
  5. CUF balances reported in Cognos
  6. Discuss ODB access to CIW GL from MS Access
Feedback continues to be very positive for the OUC Town Hall events this fall. To date, we’ve had excellent questions and suggestions from approximately 300 participants at four locales: Downtown Denver, Colorado Springs, Boulder, and Grant St (System).