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You’re a member of the HCM Community…Welcome to your upgraded home!

There’s no easy label to throw on the work you do for CU. From ensuring employees get paid on time and accurately to hiring the best and brightest, you are key to keeping CU’s engine running.

In fact, you’re part of a community—a Human Capital Management (HCM) Community—of more than 1,500 CU employees across all CU campuses. With your combined knowledge of how CU operates and your input on how to improve those processes, you have the power to help CU become an increasingly great place to work.

To better reflect who you are and what you do, we’re giving a new name, look and feel to your blog. HCM Community, formerly Pay Roles, will continue to provide you important information and updates related to the work you do; you’ll still find payroll deadlines, reminders about annual HR processes and more. We hope to increasingly offer you a platform for providing feedback through our blog comments, and a free forum where you and your fellow HCM Community members can exchange ideas and solutions to the challenges you face.

As we prepare to upgrade CU’s HR system this fall, and the current Human Resources Management System evolves into the HCM system, we encourage you to reach out to Employee Services and your fellow HCM Community members through this blog to keep the lines of communication open and rapidly flowing.

Welcome to the Community!

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