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What’s happening with the next wave of HCM development?

A new wave of HCM development will take place in 2018, and teams working on this project wanted to share details on its progress with HCM users.

What’s changing in Wave 3b?

In 2017, three development waves took place in an effort to adjust business processes in HCM. In August, Wave 3 continued the process of migrating the system away from Smart ePAR transactions to the use of delivered Fluid HCM pages. Some processes were not included in this wave, leaving them to be completed at a later date.

Wave 3b continues where Wave 3 left off. In this phase of HCM improvements, the system will continue migrating away from Smart ePAR transactions to the use of delivered functionality. The following business processes will change:

Hire: Rehire:
  • Direct hires including students, faculty, and staff.
  • Contract pay hires.
  • Applicant Tracking System hires.
  • Additional job
  • Direct rehires including, students, faculty, and staff.
  • Contract pay rehires.
  • Applicant Tracking System rehires.
Transfer Person of Interest (POI)

These changes will streamline the user experience, lessen the amount of maintenance required and further stabilize and enhance the system. This will allow users to more effectively perform their business functions. Wherever possible, the delivered functionality provided by HCM will be used. Customization options will be examined based on the business value provided and the long-term costs to maintain a customization.

How were these items determined?

Two important teams are working to make the project a success.

A cross-campus project team prioritized business processes to be changed. The team consists of campus HR subject matter experts and system administration project members who work with HR and HCM systems and procedures. Through several months of weekly cross-campus meetings, the team came to a consensus on the most important processes to address and those that could be delayed.

After priorities were determined, the recommendations were given to the Elevate Steering Committee, which deliberated before eventually signing off on the formal decision. The committee recently split into two governance groups, with one group now focusing on HCM and the other on Grants. The HCM group is made up of many voices, with CHROs representing each campus and holding the authority to sign off on key decisions, playing an integral role in overseeing and guiding the work that goes into the stabilization of HCM.

Along with this separation, the name Elevate is retiring. The term HCM Project may be seen and heard more frequently in its place as Elevate is phased out over the coming months.

When will changes take place?

To ensure users experience a smooth, seamless process when updates are made, teams have spent much of their time planning, prioritizing and confirming scope items, conducting shadowing sessions to gain an understanding of the way business processes are completed by each campus and validating functional requirements for in-scope business processes.

Demos of potential new design solutions are being conducted with the cross-campus project team. The team will view the options and take them back to stakeholders to discuss their options. From there, teams will decide together which processes they believe will work best. Demoing is forecasted to continue into mid-November, with design approvals scheduled to be completed by the end of November.

Planning and preparation are still underway, so an execution date has not yet been determined.

More information is coming soon

More information will be released soon. Please look for additional updates and contact campus Change Managers with questions or concerns:

Campus Change Manager Email
CU Denver | Anschutz Sharon Grant
CU Boulder Quiana Martin
CU Colorado Spring and System office Lara Ackerman

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