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We're refining the CU Time Upload process

We've used your feedback to make changes to the time-upload process to make it more intuitive and easy to use. Use this blog post to learn about improvements that you'll see starting next week.

We also encourage you to join us at 2 p.m. Tuesday, April 5, for a webinar in which subject matter expert Shelley Brown will walk through these changes.

Improvement 1: An on-off switch for paying employees in off-cycle payrolls

When you enter CU Time, you can choose to issue pay on the next on- or off-cycle by checking the off-cycle checkbox (or entering "Y" in the off-cycle column of your upload file). If you don’t check the box, pay will not be issued until the next regular biweekly or monthly payroll. It will never pay in an off-cycle payroll without the off-cycle box being checked.

Note: You must use the earnings dates information below (Improvement 3) to determine when time will pay out.

Improvement 2: Monthly timesheets entered using My Leave, Kronos or other external sources will pay out in the month following the one in which the employee earned time or leave.

Biweekly entries of this kind will pay out in the next biweekly payroll. For example: Employees will receive pay for April time in May.

Improvement 3: Earnings dates (and the off-cycle flag) tell you when time entered manually, or via regular or one-time earnings uploads will pay out.

  • If the off-cycle box is not checked, the entry will pay out in the first regular payroll (biweekly or monthly) where the earnings end date is before or on the same day as the pay end date.
  • If the off-cycle box is checked, the entry will pay out in the first off-cycle or regular payroll where the earnings end date is before or on the same date as the latest of two dates:
    1. the last confirmed on-cycle payroll pay period end date (biweekly for biweekly pay, monthly for monthly pay); and
    2. the pay period end date of the payroll

Let's use the following example to illustrate this:

Improvement 4: Starting April 8, we'll be refining the CU Time upload process.


You'll no longer have to enter a company or pay group. Instead, the earnings dates as well as the employee number and record will identify and pull in the correct job and pay group.

If you're manually entering time, you can create a row by entering earnings dates, department, and employee number and record. If the department and employee record don't match, a prompt will ask you to fix the error.

If you're uploading regular earnings or one-time payments, you must use a new, simplified template, which eliminates the need to specify pay group or pay period end date.

We'll be sending the new template next week.

Please remember: This new template won't upload before April 8, and the old one won't work starting that day.

Don't have the new template? Actually, you do! Take your existing template and simply delete the first two columns (Pay Group and PPE Date).

Data you’ll need:

  • Specify whether it it's an off-cycle or not
  • Enter employee record
  • Enter earnings begin and end dates
  • Enter earn code
  • Enter hours or amount

Still have questions? Please feel free to submit them to us and register for Tuesday's webinar to get answers.

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