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Wave 3: What’s changing with approvals?

Wave 3 continues the process of migrating away from Smart ePAR transactions and to the use of delivered Fluid HCM pages. These changes will be implemented from 6 p.m. to midnight Aug. 3.

In the future, more ePAR forms will be converted to delivered HCM pages. This will provide users with a faster, more direct navigation to approvals with fewer clicks. Below, we outline how this process begins with Position, PET and ePAR approvals.

How are approvals changing in Wave 3?

All HCM approvals will be found in in the new Approvals Tile. Position and PET approvals will convert to delivered HCM Approvals (providing a more direct way to approve) while other transactions remain in an ePAR Approval workflow (the current process).

As more ePAR forms are replaced with delivered HCM functionality, the approvals will change accordingly.

Two ways to access approvals

Wave 3 introduces two options for accessing approvals. 

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Option 1: The Pending Approval bar  

Pending Approval Bar

Clicking the Pending Approvals bar leads users to the Approval Worklist.
Approval Worklist
Clicking ePAR Approval will take users to the familiar Approval Inbox.
Approval Inbox
Clicking HCM Approvals leads users to the new Pending Approvals page.
Pending Approvals

Option 2: The Approvals tile on the new HCM Community User dashboard

The new HCM Community User dashboard also will provide a quick way to access approvals.

Select the dashboard’s Approvals tile.
Approvals Tile
It leads you to the Pending Approvals page, where you can see all pending approvals or sort by Position and ePAR approvals.
Pending Approvals Screen

Clicking on a Position Approval takes users directly to individual approval, allowing the user to add comments and approve in one screen.
CU Position Data
Selecting ePAR takes users to the Approval Inbox.

The information in the ePAR Approval Inbox is specific to users and their approvals. The search results that populate are filtered to users’ unique approval workflows.

Helpful tip: Users can search and save their search criteria.
Approval Inbox
Once an ePAR needing approval is selected from the list, users will be directed to a page similar to this:

Because ePARs are still Smart forms, users will need to go through multiple steps to approve and make comments.

Helpful tip: Once an ePAR transaction is approved, users need to go back to their worklist select Search. The page must reload before the ePAR completed clears and new approvals in the worklist appear.
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