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Wave 3 launch moved to Aug. 3, some structured labs rescheduled

The Elevate Wave 3 launch date has been moved to the evening of Aug. 3 to provide additional days for user acceptance testing. This change will ensure that system changes are tested thoroughly, receive campus signoff and provide an up-to-date training environment for structured labs.

As a result, structured labs sessions on the following dates will be rescheduled:

  • CU Boulder: July 19
  • CU Denver: July 21 and July 24
  • UCCS: July 20 and July 25
  • AMC: July 20 and July 25

HCM users registered for these labs will receive a cancellation notice today. Once users receive this cancellation, they can register for other structured labs immediately. This week, we will announce additional lab sessions for July 28 through Aug. 2. We apologize for any inconvenience, but strive to provide additional dates to accommodate user’s busy schedules.

Webinars set for July 18 will remain in place. Webinars will be posted to the Elevate Training page by the close of business that day. Watching the webinar is mandatory for any HCM user who works with positions.

A contingency go-live date has been set for Aug. 10.

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