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Watch off-cycle pay webinar recording

You can now watch the HCM In-Time Webinar Series: Off-Cycle Pay webinar online. Find it here. 

The following guides may also be helpful in processing off-cycle pay:

We have also created the Employee Pay Group Search Query, which will allow you to look up your department and/or specific employees. You can download this query into Excel and use it as your reference for entering CU Time payroll uploads.

To get this query:

  1. Go to the Main Menu in HCM.
  2. Select CU HCM User Workcenter.
  3. Click on the Resources Tab.
  4. Under query manager, scroll to the bottom of this area and press click here for all, and choose “Employee Paygroup Search Report” byclicking the hyperlink.
  5. Enter your Department ID and/or your Employee ID, then click full results to display your paygroup assignment.

Note: If you’ve missed a payroll deadline, and your transactions are now in CU Reported Time as “approved,” you don’t need to take any action; they’ll automatically be picked up for payroll in the next off-cycle.

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