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W-4 and direct deposit forms have gone digital. Have your employees?

Thanks to security enhancements in the portal, it takes just a few taps of the mouse and the keyboard to complete CU’s W-4 and direct deposit forms. Help your employees save trips to the printer and fax machine by showing them how to complete these forms online:

  1. Log in to the employee portal at
  2. Select either one of the options circled below, within the “Payroll and Compensation” menu on the left side of the screen. (See image.)
  3. When prompted, provide the number to which you’d like an automated phone call or text to be sent so you can verify your identity. This ensures you’re the only person who can access the personal information required when completing a W-4 or direct deposit form.
  4. You will receive an email confirming the changes you’ve made.
    • Monthly paid employees: Any changes you make by the 10th of each month will take effect/be reflected in your next pay.
    • Biweekly paid employees: Complete your changes before your timesheet is due to your supervisor for approval to ensure your next pay reflects them.

Remember to download the W-4 flier and place it your new employee packets to help keep these processes paperless.

Please note: International employees must contact a CU international tax specialist for guidance before making changes to their W-4 forms to avoid facing fines and other penalties.


Jessica Coon

It would be really nice if this feature were available to employees who have been entered as a pre-employment POI instead of having to wait until their first day of employment to have this feature available. As a PPL, I meet with most new hires before their first day of work and it would be ideal to get all of their paperwork completed before they start instead of sending a follow-up to do their direct deposit and w-4 on their start date (which for some of our lecturers could be weeks or months away). Personally, I will probably be completing the paper forms with new hires unless I happen to be meeting with them on their first day just to make sure everything is complete in one meeting.

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