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Verify new hire SSNs

Accurate Social Security numbers and employee names are essential for federal and state reporting. As a condition of hire, it is critical for departments to request to see a new employee’s social security card. A nine-digit social security number and name must be entered into HRMS exactly as it appears on the card.

Please do not neglect this important step, as failure to verify this information may cause significant reporting problems. Social Security cards should be reviewed after anoffer of employment has been accepted. Please do not keep copies of anyone’s card in department files, as this is an identity theft risk.

Rehired employees: submit new forms

If you rehire a previous CU employee, please ask for new direct deposit, address and W-4 forms, as this personal information changes frequently. Expired information in HRMS can create problems, including payroll deposits returned by the bank, mail returned by the post office as undeliverable and incorrect tax withholding. Please send or have your employee send the direct deposit and W-4 forms to Employee Services immediately, so information can be entered quickly.

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