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Verify August payroll with tasks and guides for contract pay rate changes

As the fall term begins across CU campuses, all faculty should have their contract elections submitted for August payroll. To make sure these elections have been made and processed correctly, you will need to complete the following steps to verify and, if necessary, correct faculty contract amounts using the ePAR Pay Rate Change.

Right now, the Boulder and Colorado Springs campuses should go through their August payroll registers to ensure all contracts have the correct 2020-21 contract payment. Contracts for faculty on the Denver campus won’t begin until September, so Denver HR staff can begin verifying contract payments once they’ve received their September payroll registers.

  • If pay rate changes need to be made, they must be dated on the first day of the next payroll. Processing for August has already been confirmed, so you’ll need to select Sept. 1, 2020.
  • When changing a faculty member’s salary for a given academic year, always select the “No Proration of Change AMT” option.
  • When you backdate contracts, the projected pay will not be updated on the Contract Payment Details page. This will result in incorrect pay for the first month of the change, and the system will adjust itself for the following pay periods.

Looking for additional help? There’s a guide for that…

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