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Users receiving error messages when opening multiple new windows should follow these practices to correctly open windows

If you are receiving a message stating "Page No Longer Available" when opening multiple new windows in HCM, follow these steps to open windows correctly.

Avoid opening a new window by navigating through the NavBar. This produces identical web addresses and, in turn, populates the "Page No Longer Available" message. Click here to get a refresher on using the NavBar in HCM.

Follow these steps to properly open new windows while in HCM:

Step 1: To begin, ensure you are not in the Resources tab. You will need to be in the WorkCenter or on ePAR pages.  

Step 2: Select the New Window link from the top right corner. Note the web address number.

Step 3: A new window will open. Note the new web address number has changed, signifying it has opened properly.

Step 4: Repeat this process to open additional windows.  


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