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User alert: My Leave accruals still displaying incorrectly, additional pay causes overpayments

We’re working to resolve two known issues: incorrectly reported My Leave accruals and recurring payment errors in the additional pay transaction page.

My Leave

Many employees and HCM Community members reported that My Leave accrual balances do not match the CU Leave Accrual Summary. This is a reporting error only; the system is calculating leave correctly. We are researching why leave accruals display incorrectly in the Usable Balance, Taken and Not Taken projection columns in the table above the My Leave calendar.

To verify vacation and sick balances, please check your most recent pay advice.

Additional pay transaction page

When updating a recurring payment’s speedtype or amount, please do not create a new row. Entering a new recurring payment transaction does not overwrite the original and may cause overpayments.

If you need to adjust recurring pay, please contact Employee Services. We are redesigning the transaction page so you can view and modify active recurring payments.  

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