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User alert: known issues for job changes, recurring pay and contracts

We’ve identified three system issues related to job changes, recurring pay and contracts.

Job Changes

Known issue:  When entering job changes, the system enters a new row of job data that reverts to the old code, title and salary.

What to do:  Although there is no workaround currently, and we are working with our third-party partners to develop a solution. We will communicate details on a fix or workaround as soon as they are available.

Recurring Payments

Known issue: Edits submitted through the additional pay transaction page are not working correctly, which may cause an over or underpayment.

What to do: To ensure entries are managed appropriately, Employee Services will make edits and modifications on your behalf. Please email with your requested changes and the subject line: Urgent—Recurring payment modification/edit requested

Early terminations for employees paid on 9/12 contracts:

Known issue: The contract termination date on the Contract Pay for NA is not receiving updates when employee termination is processed.

What to do: For June or July terminations that require an ENP payout, please email with the subject line: ENP Payout for Early Termination

To process late ENP payouts, we suggest using the next available off-cycle payroll.  Please remember to use the earnings code ENP as a positive amount.  ENP balances can be found on the Contract Payment Details page (Main menu> Payroll for North America> Employee Pay Data> Contract Payment Details).   

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