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User alert: June 14 transaction page errors resolved

We have resolved today's transaction page errors. Please clear your cache before entering any new transactions (Ctrl + Shift + Delete for Windows or Command + Shift + Delete for Mac).

We apologize for any inconvenience.



Pam Aguila

I just tried to set up a new position for a Student Assistant III and the system gave me an error message.  I then went to terminate and got the following error statement:



Page data is inconsistent with database. (18,1)

When trying to save your page data, the system found that the information currently in the database did not match what was expected.

This problem can happen if another user has changed the same information while you were making your changes. Note the changes you have made, then cancel the page.   Reload the page and view any changes made by the other user.  Ensure your changes are compatible and retry, if appropriate.

If the problem persists, it may be a result of an application or other programming error and should be reported to technical support staff.

Possible application errors that can cause this message include:
- changing page data from SavePostChange PeopleCode, without making a corresponding change to the database.
- changing the database via SqlExec at various points, for data that is also in the component buffers.
- database auto-update fields maintained by triggers didn't get defined correctly in Record Field definition or in Record Properties definition.

Employee Services

Hi Pam, 
Transaction pages are not working again. We advise to stop entering transactions until we identify the root cause.
We apologize for the confusion today. 

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