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User alert: Entering terminations and rehires with the same effective date causing errors

Employees Services has discovered an issue with hire effective dates and is resolving errors on a case-by-case basis.

Users have reported receiving errors when trying to terminate and rehire an employee on the same day or when completing a pay rate change and a hire on the same day.

Unfortunately, using a later hire effective date is not a successful workaround. For example, let's say you enter a termination and hire on June 8, where the termination effective date 6/8/16 and the hire effective date is 6/9/16. This will still generate errors even though both transactions have unique effective dates.

What to do:

Please wait to enter these transactions until we roll out an emergency fix early next week. We will send a follow-up user alert with full details.

If you have completed transactions where the hire date effective date is the same day or later later than the termination or pay rate change effective date, we will make corrections for you. Please send an email to with a subject line Urgent – XX Transaction with Incorrect Date and provide the names and employee identification numbers of affected employees. 

We have already identified 34 affected employees and will reach out to their HCM Community Member to make corrections, if necessary.

We appreciate your patience and hard work during the summer hire season.


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