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Use this tool to provide employment verification, securely, any time you need it

When you’re applying for a loan or renting an apartment you typically need to provide proof of employment and salary. These verifications often occur outside business hours and may need a quick turnaround.

That’s where The Work Number database comes in. This service, offered by credit reporting agency Equifax, makes your employment information available 24/7 through a secure channel.

Not just anyone can access your employer or salary information – The Work Number requires the requesting party go through a credentialing process to prove they have a legitimate business reason to access your employment data. Additionally, you grant or restrict permission for even credentialed entities to access your income information.

The Work Number is also useful for verifying crucial personal information. In compliance with the Fair Credit Reporting Act, you can find out who has requested your information and dispute inaccurate data.

To learn more about The Work Number – including how to log in, how to view your data and step-by-step instructions for using the service – visit the Employer Verification information page


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