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Use these instructions to help former employees get their W-2s.

Have former employees contacted you about their 2015 W-2 forms? You can direct many of them to the instructions at

Please be prepared for former employees to ask you to provide their employee ID numbers.

Former employees who are not U.S. citizens cannot access their W-2 forms through the ADP portal. Please direct these individuals to submit a W-2 Reissue Request Form.

Notes on the portal:

  • The ADP portal supports all major Web browsers that have been updated to current versions (9 or newer for Internet Explorer, versions 40 and newer for Chrome and Firefox, and version 10 for Safari).
  • If you get locked out of your session while trying to register, please close and reopen your Web browser.
  • If you've successfully registered but get locked out following too many failed login attempts, you may retry after one hour.

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