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Use our resources to certify and approve leave by Aug. 26

Leave certification has started for both supervisors and some employees. Guided by the Board of Regents Policy 11-E, this process requires all leave-eligible employees to certify the accuracy of their leave and supervisors to maintain leave records for department personnel, approve leave requests and verify their accuracy.

Approve employees’ leave certification requests

If leave-eligible employees in your department need assistance certifying their balances, share this step-by-step guide with them. Leave balances displaying on the leave certification are from the June leave balance on the CU Leave Accrual Summary in HCM, not from My Leave. The balances have been updated with June accruals and leave taken.   

To certify their requests, follow the steps below:

  1. Log into the portal and open the center drop-down menu
  2. Select Manager
  3. Click the Annual Leave Cert Approval tile
  4. Select Approved or Denied for each request
  5. Click Submit

For an illustrated reference, please review the Annual Leave Certification guide.

Identify employees who need to certify with the Leave Certification Status Query

Use the Leave Certification Status query (CUES_HCM_LEAVE_CERT_STATUS) to identify employees who have or have not yet certified. This query can be accessed using the following path: HCM Work Center Tile > CU HCM User WorkCenterResources tabQuery Manager > Click here for ALL. When prompted, enter 2019 into the Fiscal Year box.

Leave Certification Status query

Additional queries

If you have employees who have questions about leave taken, department administrators will have a variety of queries to assist them with balancing leave. They can be accessed using the steps below:

  1. Log into the employee portal and click CU Resources Home
  2. Select Business Tools, HCM and then HCM Community Users CUES_HCM_LEAVE_ACCRUAL_DETAIL
  3. Click the HCM WorkCenter tile
  4. Choose the Resources tab, then scroll down and select Click here for ALL
  5. Find the report names listed in the chart below

Campuses use many systems for time tracking. Below, CU HCM User WorkCenter reports with an asterisk (*) can be used to review and balance leave entered into outside systems and My Leave.

Report Name
Report Description
Query Name
*Leave Accruals Returns a summary of current sick and vacation leave accruals by empl ID or dept ID. Information is pulled from the CU Leave Accural Summary. CUES_HCM_LEAVE_ACCRUALS
*Leave Accrual Detail Pulls information from the CU Leave Accrual Summary for the last two years by department, pay period or employee id.  CUES_HCM_LEAVE_ACCRUAL_DETAIL
Leave Balance Termed Employees Provides vacation and sick balances for terminated employees. CUES_HCM_LEAVE_BAL_TERMED_EE
Leave Balances Returns a detailed history of sick and vacation leave balances by empl ID. CUES_HCM_LEAVE_BALANCES
*Leave Taken Returns data on leave taken, based on payroll register information for leave processed through payroll from any time keeping source. Can be limited by department ID, pay period begin and end dates, and/or employee ID. CUES_HCM_LEAVE_TAKEN
My Leave Calendar View Returns detailed information about My Leave requests shown on the calendar view, excluding holidays.

Note: Your view of the supervisor ID/name may be limited by row level security. This report can be run by a large date range and access My Leave Time Sheets from 2015.
My Leave Timesheet Detail Returns detailed information about My Leave timesheets, including weekly OTM and ATS calculations as well as the override speed type, if one was entered. CUES_HCM_MY_LEAVE_TMSHT_DTL
No Leave Taken - Date Range Returns a list of employees who did not have any earnings for the following Earnings Codes within a specified Pay End Date range: VAC, SCK, FSK, ADM, FLV, SCA, VAA. Can be limited by Pay group, Node, Dept ID, or Employee ID.

Note: At least one of the optional prompts must be used or this query will time-out and fail due to excessive data.

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