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Use May leave sweep report to ensure accurate balances

Departments should have received another leave sweep report after the May monthly payroll ran. Use this report to confirm that employee leave balances are accurate in preparation for the July leave sweep. Departments also may wish to notify employees who are projected to exceed their maximums so leave can be taken or donated to campus leave banks before June 30. Leave hours above the maximums will be swept after the July monthly payroll close, based on June 30, 2013 balances, which include June accruals and usage. During the sweep, vacation balances for leave eligible Exempt Professional and State Classified employees will be reduced to the maximums allowed. For State Classified employees only, sick leave balances in excess of maximums are automatically converted to vacation hours using a 5-to-1 ratio (5 sick hours become 1 vacation hour). Exempt Professional employees are not subject to maximums for sick leave. See the PBS Procedures Guide for additional information (Section 6.8 for Classified Staff, Section 6.9 for Exempt Professionals).

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