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Urgent: Please ensure student workers get paid on Friday; update on payroll registers

If you manage a graduate student worker who is not showing up on your monthly payroll register, please enter the pay in the off-cycle payroll run BY 8 A.M. WEDNESDAY. This time-entry deadline extension is a one-time exception.

We identified a data-entry error affecting 313 monthly paid graduate students who were mistakenly entered as biweekly, hourly earning employees.  

To correct this error, please refer to the CU Manual Time Entry step-by-step guide. By entering this time into the off-cycle payroll run, you ensure these employees will be paid on the monthly payday, Friday, Jan. 29.

Biweekly payroll registers not yet available

We are in the process of confirming the biweekly payroll run, which means biweekly payroll registers are not yet available to run. We will provide an update when these reports are available. Thank you for your patience.

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