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Update Person of Interest (POI) records before they are inactivated

Many POI records remain active in HCM beyond their planned exit date. To avoid inactivation of these records, it is imperative they are updated prior to the mass termination process that begins January 2018.

Update your Person of Interest (POI) records immediately

The POI Mass Termination Process will be implemented beginning January 2018. To ensure POI records are inactivated correctly, each campus department must run the POI Report outlined in the step-by-step guide to identify expired POI records and update them accordingly.

Campus liaisons should begin running reports and reviewing POI records immediately.

POI records that are not updated will be inactivated

POI records that are not updated will be inactivated. When this happens, POIs will lose their access to important software, systems and buildings. Reactivation of access is not instantaneous and can cause an inability to complete critical work duties.

Complete the process with the help of our step-by-step guide

Extending the planned exit date for a POI is easily completed through the Smart ePAR form. Need some guidance? A step-by-step guide detailing this procedure is available.

Learn how to:

  • Run the POI Report to identify active POI records with expired planned exit dates.
  • Download and sort the report results.
  • Extend the POI planned expiration date or otherwise correct POI statuses.  

Keep POI records updated

This process must be completed on a regular basis to maintain the system and ensure POIs are inactivated correctly.

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