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Unsure of how to correctly enter POI Social Security numbers into HCM?

The University of Colorado captures a Social Security number for every employee and Person of Interest (POI). The only exception: Foreign POIs who do not have and are not eligible to obtain an SSN. If you have some questions on how to do this, our​ Procedural Statement for use of Social Security numbers can provide guidance.

A POI is affiliated with the university but is not paid as an employee. POIs include volunteer faculty, off-campus Work-Study employers, employees of University Physicians, Inc. (UPI), visiting scholars and many other groups.

Whether you have questions about adding a POI to HCM or entering their Social Security information into the system, these simple step-by-step guides will make POI set up more clear.​

Find answers to all of your POI questions here:

If you have additional questions regarding general POI information, you can find it here.

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