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Two new position queries added to HCM WorkCenter

Two new position queries have been added to the HCM WorkCenter.

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What do they do?

The CUES_HCM_WL_POS_COMPLETED query returns approved and denied position WorkList items by user ID and campus. Users can now view comments that are attached to positions.

Completed Query

The CUES_HCM_WL_POS_PENDING query returns pending position WorkList items by user ID, so users can narrow down long approval lists to view items that are relevant to them.

Pending Query

Access these queries

To access these queries, log into the portal and follow this path: CU Resources > Business Tools > HCM > HCM Community Users > HCM WorkCenter.

Once in the WorkCenter, click on the Resources tab. Scroll down the Resources tab until the Click here for ALL link is visible and click the link.

Resources Tab

When this link is selected, a list of queries will populate. Scroll down the page and select the WorkList Posn – Completed and WorkList Posn – Pending queries to begin using them.

Query List

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