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Try out HCM’s new PET and Funding Entry pages with training environment, new step-by-step guides

Be ready for the April 20 debut of new Payroll Expense Transfer (PET) and Funding Entry pages: Start your hands-on training in our training environment.

The training environment allows you to prepare using real-life scenarios and helps you practice using the new pages and processes. It utilizes scrambled data, which means no real employee information will be affected, so you can practice freely without worrying about making mistakes.

Access your training environment simply by clicking here and choosing your campus under IEPTRN.

From there:

  1. Use your portal login information to access the portal.
  2. Go to Business Tools and Select HCM to access the training environment.

From there, follow these steps:

Practice PETs 

  1. Click on Main Menu 
  2. Select CU PETs and Funding 
  3. Choose New PET Request

Practice Funding Entry

  1. Click on Main Menu 
  2. Select CU PETs and Funding  
  3. Choose CU Funding Entry

Once you’ve navigated to the new pages, follow along with these helpful step-by-step guides.

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