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Transaction Thursdays: Separations

Welcome to Transaction Thursdays! Each week, we'll review a transaction, provide brief instructions and troubleshoot some common errors. 

Pop Quiz! 

How do you enter a Separation? 

Click the purple pop-up buttons to find out!

Navigate to the Separation transaction page: Main Menu > Smart Solutions > Document Framework > Document Collection

Search for the employee


Your search results will populate. 


Enter the reason, effective date and any comments.


Confirm the separation


Finalize your transaction

When you receive an ePAR termination number, click OK

To finalize the separation, click Submit. A dialog box will appear; click OK.  

For a detailed walkthrough, follow the Separations step-by-step guide. 

Got it. Now give me some tips!

  • Make sure the contract end date and the termination date are the same.
  • The employee's HR status must be Active for the termination to be valid.
  • Enter an effective date later than 10/01/2015. If you need to back date a separation transaction prior to 10/01/2015, please work with your campus HR office. 
  • If you receive a Data conflicts error, check if you added a row after the termination date that's causing the transaction to fail.

We hope this clears up some of your transaction questions. Stay tuned for more troubleshooting tips!

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