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Transaction Thursdays: Percent of Time and FTE

Welcome to Transaction Thursdays! Each week, we'll review a transaction, provide brief instructions and troubleshoot some common errors. Today we'll explain some common—and confusing—data entry figures: percent of time, FTE and standard hours. 

When do you enter percent of time and standard hours?

Many transactions prompt you for these figures, especially when creating positions, making pay rate changes or entering job changes. 

Let's review some definitions

Percent of Time is the percent of standard hours worked—just replace the percent sign with .00 in the system. For a full-time employee who works 40 hours per week (100 percent of a full-time appointment), you would enter 100.00. For someone who works half-time (50 percent of a full-time appointment), you would enter 50.00. 

Be careful not to confuse Percent of Time with FTE, or Full Time Equivalent. FTE is the decimal representation of percent of time. For a full-time employee, the FTE would be 1.0 since they work 100 percent of a full-time appointment—but if you enter 1.0 in the Percent of Time field, the system will think the employee works only one percent of a full-time employment—about 24 minutes a week!  

Finally, Standard Hours is the total number of hours an employee works per week. For the half-time employee, you would enter 20.00, and for the full-time employee, you would enter 40.00. Don't get this confused with Percent of Time, either! 

Now test your knowledge! 

We hope this clears up some of your transaction questions. Stay tuned for more troubleshooting tips!  

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