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Transaction Thursdays: Job Changes

Welcome to Transaction Thursdays! Each week, we'll review a transaction, provide brief instructions and troubleshoot some common errors. 

What are Job Changes? 

You use Job Change transactions for changing an employee's appointment, supervisor, pay group or title. Job Changes also include faculty promotions. 

How do you enter a Job Change? 

Under "Non-Pay Actions," select "Add" or "Modify" under "Job Change." 

Next, search for the employee using their employee ID or other information. Select an action reason, and then set an effective date. After you enter the relevant data, click "Save." 

For a detailed walkthrough, follow the Job Changes step-by-step guide. 

My transaction didn't work. Why?

Many transactions aren't successful because of conflicting dates. Here are other some common errors: 

  • "Data Conflicts" error – dates are conflicting. For example, there is a row in position data with the same effective date.

  • "Department is ineligible for budget" error – transaction effective date is earlier than the department budget date, or the department budget date is missing.

  • Standard hours are fewer than the one-hour minimum.

  • Contract pay effective date is earlier than hire date.

We hope this clears up some of your transaction questions. Stay tuned for more troubleshooting tips!  

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