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As thousands get paycards, education on pay process is key

This month, we’ve enrolled 869 biweekly and 364 monthly employees onto paycards. As part of our communication campaign, we sent targeted emails to all employees who had not yet enrolled in direct deposit.

While these employees received plenty of information to help them understand the deadlines to getting signed up for direct deposit as well as how to use their cards, we want you to have access to the same information so you can easily answer any questions they may have regarding their paycard packet.

Learn the basics:

Download the paycard flier and the paycard welcome letter, two documents we provide employees (in addition to the information packet they receive if they’re issued a card). These guides explain:

  • the two options for getting paid by CU.
  • how you’ll be defaulted into a paycard if you don’t enroll in direct deposit.
  • when to expect your paycard and information packet in the mail.
  • how to activate your card and start using it.
  • how to enroll in direct deposit if you later decide you do not want a paycard.
  • how and when to deactivate your paycard.

Returning faculty and student employees

As you can imagine, the transition from paper paychecks to paycards has been rough for many returning employees. If you manage pay for faculty members and returning students, please use the information in these fliers and on the paycards website to direct them to the steps they need to take.    

It’s important to remind these employees they can opt out of their paycard by signing up for direct deposit. Simply have them log in to the employee portal and select the "Direct Deposit" button within the "Payroll and Compensation" dropdown menu on the left to enter their bank account information. (Note: This section of the portal prompts you to verify your identity using CU's new security feature, which protects personal information such as your direct deposit bank account number.)

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