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There's a better way to locate documents on the HCM Community website

The HCM Community Resources Master page has been redesigned to make guides, job aids and other resources easier to locate. Now called Document Library, this new layout provides simple navigational tools for users to find HCM resources. Below, you can brush up on the changes and be prepared to navigate the new format. 

What's new?

Search bar: At the top of the Document Library, there is a search bar that allows you to search by name or keyword. This eliminates the step of searching with a keyboard shortcut, and should make it faster to find the resources you need.  

The A-Z search bar is still available but has been refreshed. This tool lets you see all documents starting with the chosen letter. No names or resource formats have been changed. 

Individual resource pages: Clicking a link will take you to a separate web page. The page provides the date the document was last updated, a description of the resource and the resource itself to download.

If you use a guide often, we recommend that you bookmark the URL instead of printing the guide. That way, you’ll always have the most up-to-date version.

Resource types and document tags: We’ve removed the descriptions and resource type (ex: QRG, SBS) from the Document Library. This information has been moved to the Document Tags in each individual resource page, which will allow you to pull up all documents with a specific tag. (Like CU Careers, for example.)

Try it out

Navigate the new Document Library

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