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Terminations: known issues and workarounds

We wanted to share an update on terminations, workarounds and upcoming fixes.

Terminations tip:

For normal terminations, remember to enter the termination date one day after their official last date. That way, the employee is compensated for his or her final day of work.  

Known issue: early contract terminations

When terminating employees on contract, the ePAR Separation transaction page adds a termination row but updates job data with an effective row of termination only. This inactivates the employee for HR/Payroll but does not reconcile nor update the contract payment details page accurately.

To work as expected, the separation page should update the compensation to zero (0) with the Comp Rate code of BASEC on the terminated row and update the Contract Pay NA page.


Until the Separation ePAR form is modified to update the employees’ records accurately, continue using the ePAR Separation form as you would for normal terminations.  The payroll department has begun running a query prior to payroll processing to find anyone with an active contract but inactive HR/Payroll status to ensure these employees are paid accurately.

When terminating a contract early, please email with the subject line URGENT: Contract Pay Terminating Early and provide any details that can help payroll reconcile terminated records. 

Future fix:

We are working with our third-party vendor to develop a fix and will notify you of an expected release date.

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