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Tax appointments should be scheduled before first paycheck

All new University of Colorado international employees, including students, scholars and researchers, must consult with CU’s international tax specialists to determine and document their tax residency status and fill out related paperwork.

Tax appointments also may be required for workers whose immigration status has changed.

Ideally, this consultation should occur prior to an employee’s first paycheck to prevent unnecessary tax deductions.

“We want employees to have a better understanding of how the tax system works and how it will affect them,” said Alicia Dandeneau, an international tax specialist with Employee Services.

What to bring

Employees should be prepared to review their history of presence in the U.S. and corresponding immigration statuses.

They should bring their passport and immigration documents to the meeting. A social security number is not required at the initial appointment.

Schedule an appointment with International Tax

Employees should schedule appointments through the online scheduling system at

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