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Take your first look at portal menu changes coming June 11

On June 11, the portal will look a little different. The Release of Wave 2 Fluid updates provides users with a new way to navigate into HCM and the portal’s CU Resources area. 

A new experience

Upon logging into the portal, the menu bar will look different. In the current portal, the menu allows you to navigate to My Info and Pay, Training, Business Tools and other areas. The links on the top right, called navigational links, will also be removed. 

Photo of the current CU Resources menu

As seen below, the drop-down menu bars and navigational links are replaced by icons in the top right corner of the page for a more streamlined look. This is how you will navigate applications and the portal.

Photo of new CU Resources navigation

Familiarize yourself with the new icons

Familiarize yourself with these icons so you better understand their functions.

Go to the main portal page with the Home button.

Sign out and view your preferences with the Actions List.

Navigate the system with a pop-out menu, known as the NavBar. 

Expand the NavBar into a full menu

You will use the NavBar to navigate the system much like you would use the old menu on the main page of the portal. Access CU Resources, go back to recent pages you have visited, find saved HCM pages and resources under My Favorites and more.

Let’s look at each feature in more depth:

CU Resources compacts the old menu into and easy access tile. Here, you can find the classic applications, as seen in the image below. This tile should be used to navigate the portal.

The Navigator will allow you to pilot through Human Capital Management (HCM), if you have access to it. What you see on the menu is limited to your level of HCM access.

If you have saved HCM pages to your favorites, they can be found in the My Favorites tile. The best part: They will be automatically transferred to the upgraded portal, so you don’t have to re-save them.

Recent Places catalogs pages you’ve recently visited, making it easy to go back to a recently accessed page if needed.

See these updates in action during Elevate Town Halls and a webinar

Want to see the updates used in real time or get your questions answered? Join our teams for Town Halls (snacks and fluids will be provided) or a webinar. Visit our webpage for detailed schedules and registration information.

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