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Take these simple steps to pay out Earnings Not Paid (ENP) to professors terminating at the end of May

If you have 9-pay-12 professors who are resigning at the end of Spring Semester, follow this process to pay all owed salaries. Currently, there is no way to change a Contract Payment Term to “Pay Over Contract” for 9-pay-12 professors in order to allow the Earnings Not Paid (ENP) to pay out on the employee’s May payroll.

To pay out ENP for any 9-pay-12 professors terminating in May, follow these steps:

  • Allow the May payment to run as usual.
  • When May payroll is confirmed, visit the Contract Payment Details page to access the amount of ENP owed to the employee (Main Menu > Payroll for North America > Employee Pay Data > Contract Payment Details). Add up the projected pay for June, July and August to get the total owed for ENP.
  • Add the ENP amount to the system for off-cycle payment (Main Menu > CU Time > CU Employee Reported Time).
  • Use the date range of 05/01/17 through 05/31/17 and enter the earn code of ENP. From there, enter the amount of ENP owed.

Note: If the termination date is any date other than 06/01/17, it is important that the earnings end date of the off-cycle payment is the last active day of employment.

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