Employee service working on fix.
If you've requested a bank pull for an employee's pay and you're still seeing the amount in your payroll register, there is a good chance the amounts were pulled; however, they're not yet reflected in your payroll register.
We completed January's monthly payroll yesterday and will run biweekly payroll today. See HCM issues in progress, those we've fixed and what's coming up.
We're finishing January's monthly payroll today and biweekly payroll later this week. We'll let you know when payroll registers are available to run.
We've discovered that the comments field within payroll expense transfer (PET) transaction forms limits the amount of characters you're allowed to save in the system. Here's a temporary workaround.
Take note of how the following extended deadlines impact you, and see updates we've made to the system.
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Now you can find the most frequently used earnings codes and the pay groups associated with each by downloading the Common Earnings Codes and their Paygroups Job Aid.
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