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System Fixes: July 25-29

We’ve migrated fixes related to transaction pages and funding distributions: 

Email notifications for transaction approvals

Going forward, you will receive an email notification when an ePAR transaction requires your approval.

If you do not want to receive email notifications, we recommend setting up an email rule that routes ePAR notifications to your Trash folder automatically. Learn more about Microsoft Outlook rules.

To implement this fix, please clear your cache (Ctrl + Shift + Delete for Windows or Command + Shift + Delete for Mac).

Usable Balance column in My Leave

Adjustment hours now subtract from the Useable Balance column in My Leave. Please note: the migration fixed accrual displays only and did not affect leave balances. 

Correcting funding distributions

  • We’ve entered benefits and tax information for the correct pool for Boulder funding transactions for part-time employees.
  • We’ve corrected how employer-paid benefits encumber for employees and mid-month changes. 

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