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System fixes for July 18-22

We've migrated three fixes related to transaction pages. 

Position Changes

  • Going forward, users will receive an error when they attempt to change a position’s values if the new effective date is earlier than the existing effective date. The new effective date must be later than the existing effective date when updating position values.
  • When standard hours differed between job and position data, the Job Changes transaction page compared budgeted FTE values and created duplicate rows in job and position data. To prevent these errors, the Job Change transaction page now updates FTE in Job data only. 

Approval Inbox

We’ve added new search filter criteria to the Approval Inbox, Admin Approval Inbox and the Inquire ePAR Transaction screens. You may now search using “Begins with” or “Contains” to narrow your search results. 


We’ve set the Update Incumbent flag to Y so you can successfully update a position to incumbent (e.g. transfers). 

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