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System Fixes for August 1-5

We’ve built new Expert Entry pages, refined transaction page functionality and made a modification to proxy approvals. 

Expert Entry pages

We’ve created a new Expert Entry page for the Hire and Pay Rate Change transaction pages. This new design combines data entry fields from several windows into one. To learn how to use it, check out the updated Hire/Rehire and Pay Rate Change step-by-step guides.

Although the Expert Entry page is now the default setup for these transaction pages, you can toggle to the standard design by clicking the tab at the top of the page. Approvers in your workflow may also switch views, depending on their preference.

Transaction pages modifications

  • Transaction pages now accept foreign addresses.
  • Approvers may now make changes to a transaction before it updates HCM data.
  • In the Pay Rate Change—Reappointment transaction page, Daily Hours now defaults to 8.
  • You may now search for employees whose name contains an apostrophe (e.g., Peter O’Toole).

We continue to refine workflow as requested by campuses.

My Leave proxy enhancement

Proxies may no longer approve their personal timesheets. Going forward, My Leave will send proxies’ reports and requests to the supervisor listed in Job Data.

Please note: You may not create a second proxy to approve these requests—it must be the supervisor.

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