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System Fixes for April 25-29

We rolled out nine migrations this week related to HR/GL, transactions pages and My Leave. 

HR/GL Fixes

Please consult the updated PET step-by-step guide to see these changes.  

  • Funding Distribution Changes (Department budget table transaction pages) are now self-approving.  Employee Services will ensure all outstanding forms are approved and updated in the system.
  • We’ve built a separate tab for Payroll Expense Transfers (PET) comments with a higher word count.  We also removed comments from the workflow, so you may add comments in this new tab only.
  • PETs now route for approval based on the Org in the speedtype and not the Deptid of the position.  As a result, if your PET has funds from two campuses, the PET will now need approval by both campuses before it processes.
  • Withdrawn PETs will now disappear from the worklist. Note:  We don’t believe that this will remove all of the previously withdrawn PETs.  We are working on a way to remove the old ones from your queue.
  • Fund 34 PETs will no longer route to the Grant approvers. 
  • Percent of time now adds up to 100 percent in department budget, so you will no longer encounter errors.

Some PETs are not routing to the correct Grants or Financial Aid approvers. We are currently rerouting these PETs to the correct approvers and identifying a root cause. 

​​Transaction Page Fixes

  • We’ve implemented the first iteration of workflow based on original campus requests. We plan to make more workflow updates in the coming weeks.
  • We added the Campus Box to the Job Change transaction form. Please review the Job Changes step-by-step guide to see this change.

My Leave

You may now view the My Leave calendar in browser zoom setting of less than 100 percent. 

To ensure you are seeing the most recent changes to the system, please clear your broswer's cache using Ctrl+Shift+Delete for Windows or Command+Shift+Delete for Mac.

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