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System fixes and enhancements, May 15-19

The following fixes and enhancements affecting My Leave, Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs) and Funding Entry processes were implemented this week:

My Leave

  • My Leave Preferences will require employees to have the top five fields completed prior to entering any leave time. These required fields are Holiday Schedule, Over Time/Comp Time Eligible, My Leave Start Date, Weekly Schedule and Week Begin Day. By selecting your campus holiday schedule, it will default to the correct week begin date for your campus. Training documents will be updated with these changes soon.

Payroll Expense Transfers and Funding Entry

  • Project end dates are now populating consistently with the most current end dates for Payroll Expense Transfers (PETs) and Funding Entry.
  • The funding update is posting correctly to the most current active position when Apply to Future is used for a position with multiple HR departments in the same fiscal year.
  • Earnings entered manually or through batch uploads in CU Time are now available for new funding distributions in PETs.
  • All selected earnings codes in a paycheck will now process salary, taxes and deductions proportionally regardless of earnings period (i.e. VAC and SCK).
  • Positions having multiple HR departments in the same fiscal year are displaying only the most current position funding in the distribution data grid.
  • The funding end date is now populating from the most current funding record.
  • Funding entries can be submitted even if the only change made is the funding end date.
  • The Post Doc positions funding entry is processing correctly for each campus and SpeedType parameters.

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