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Student employees to be refunded incorrect TIAA, Medicare deductions

A group of student employees had TIAA student retirement and employee Medicare deductions taken in error from their final 2016 paychecks. Employee Services will run a special off-cycle to refund these deductions via electronic transfer no later than Friday, Jan. 6.

Student employees can go to the employee portal on Friday morning to see the refunded amount.

The refund will be applied as 2016 income, so student W-2s will be correct when they are mailed Jan. 31.

Students can see their information by:

  1. Logging into the portal.
  2. Going to the CU Resources tab.
  3. Going to the My Info and Pay menu in the top horizontal menu bar, and selecting Pay Advice.
  4. Selecting View Paycheck on the most recent item to view the refund.

The error’s source was identified and will be corrected.

Do you have questions or concerns? Please call an Employee Services payroll professional at 303-860-4200, option 2. 


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