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Spotlight on W-4s

Access the 2014 W-4 Form to update tax withholdings

The IRS’ 2014 W-4 Form is now available online and through the CU portal. Employees may either download, complete and submit the hard-copy 2014 W-4 Form to Employee Services, or simply complete and submit their W-4 allowances through the portal. Remember: We will only accept 2014 forms; please destroy W-4 forms from previous years to avoid accidental use.

Do not alter W-4 forms

Employee Services will reject and return any submitted W-4 forms that contain alterations. This is particularly important to highlight for departments that provide W-4 forms to employees.The university is not responsible for its employees’ tax decisions, and it should never promote or recommend a particular choice. Never make assumptions about an employee’s tax exemption status based upon employee status.

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