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Some funding end dates require updates following budget roll-forward

Following last month’s department budget table roll forward to fiscal year 2017, we discovered an issue with end dates. We’re asking you to review and, if necessary, correct funding before July payroll.

What happened?

When HCM added new FY 2017 rows during the roll-forward, we added a funding begin date of 7/1/2016 and discovered that funding end dates of 6/30/2016 or earlier did not process correctly.  

To resolve the issue, we’ve updated any current funding with an original end date earlier than 7/1/2016 to a default end date later than 7/1/2016.

What this means for you

Since this default end date is likely incorrect, we’re asking you to review your funding and enter the correct end date before July payroll processes.  

For a refresher on entering funding changes, please consult this step-by-step guide. Remember to select FY 2017 when entering a new end date.  


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